Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery: Simon’s Youth Factor

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Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Controversy

Simon Cowell is an English reality TV star, TV and music producer, and a talent scout. He appeared in some high profile TV shows such as Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, The X-Factor, and American Idol, as a judge. Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery rumors started when he appeared in several shows with quite unnatural look on his face. His bloated and swollen face couldn’t go unnoticed. For someone who is so famous, this is something that his fans and other people must get suspicious of. There is no doubt that Cowell received some plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Just compare his before and after photos and what you will find out will blow your mind. Did he actually apply cosmetic surgery?

Botox Injection

Simon Cowell has a face skin that looks totally younger than it should for a 55 year old person. No matter how much makeup he is using, we still expect to see some wrinkles on his face. His flawless skin is making everyone suspicious. Only Botox injection can make an old man look so young, don’t you think? Unlike most other celebrities, Simon Cowell admitted to these allegations. He confessed to have used several Botox injections to enhance his looks. He even said using Botox is as normal to him as brushing his teeth. Is Simon Cowell one of the many celebrities addicted to Botox Injection?


Facelift and Face Fillers

Simon Cowell’s skin looks smooth and fresh. His cheeks also looks fuller and lovely for an old man. At 55, he looks younger in his after photos than how he looks in his before photos. This is an indication that face fillers and facelift procedures have been used to modify his looks, since no one can naturally grow younger. He has admitted to using some cosmetic surgeries to keep his wrinkles and other aging effect at bay, but he has not mentioned facelift or face fillers as some of the procedures he has applied. There is no way such smooth skin and fuller cheeks can come naturally for a man his age.


Before and After Photos

Simon Cowell’s changing looks has had its ups and downs. There are times when he looked completely different from his actual looks. There was a time when his face was all puffed up that we could hardly see his eyes. His before and after photos shows how much his face has transitioned over the years. His most recent appearance shows clearly the traces of Botox and face fillers. Other parts of his face seems to have aged naturally.


Despite media speculations, Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery is not that bad. He has attained a more youthful appearance. His face show how much successful the procedures have been. In fact he seems to be comfortable in his new looks too. His smiles are better, and ladies seems to be satisfied with his new looks. He used to have a more serious look on his face but not anymore. He smiles more and he looks good when he does. Do you like his new looks?

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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