John Travolta plastic surgery gone wrong

Well it seems that the magic of plastic surgery seems not to be working for john Travolta. Known for being a great actor and mostly cast in the spotlight, he has mostly been known as the actor with great physique. Due to this fact, the actor born in 1954 was featured in most notable films like Saturday night fever, Grease, Pulp fiction, Who’s talking and Face/off. However his most recent antiques of John Travolta plastic surgery are anything but beautiful. Media speculations about plastic surgery…Continue Reading “John Travolta Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong”

marg helgenberger plastic surgery

With time ever persistently chasing us and age the ever appreciating factor, the need to stay young or rather portray the aura of youth is great among many celebrities. Its especially among character actors and actresses who rely of their looks as their major money maker. Marg Helgenberger must have felt this slipping away as she dashed to go under the knife to boost what can only be described as her waning features or so critics claim.

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Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Frances Bean Cobain is a 22 years old American visual artist. Frances Bean’s fame comes not from her activities, but because she’s the only child and heir to Courtney Love and tragic Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, who allegedly committed suicide at the height of his fame in the 1990s. Having had a troubled early life due to her parents’ controversial lives, Cobain has become a public figure and one which is featured in tabloids quite frequently, in spite of not actually living in the spotlight. Frances Bean is a beautiful young woman, something which, coupled with her famous last name and connections in the music and film industry, have led her to land jobs as a model and even actress – though she allegedly rejected the film offer made to her. However, given her tender age, some find it hard to believe that the Frances Bean Cobain plastic surgery speculation circulating online and in magazines is true.

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Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery 2

Public appearance is an aspect which celebrities emphasize as part of their popularity. Interestingly most people tend to associate more with people who have appealing physical appearance and this is even evident in definition of people as beautiful, gorgeous, pretty or even handsome, all being adjectives associated with good physical appearance. It is for this reason that many speculations, facts and even rumors keep mushrooming about the physical appearance of celebrities especially if people notice some differences worth to signify that such person performed a surgery. One such rumor is Meryl Streep plastic surgery.

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Vanna White

Vanna white is one beautiful woman that has been lighting up the screen for years. With small roles here and there, she is best known as a TV personality for her role in “Wheel of fortune”. Over the years she has always made it her aim to look impeccable when on and off screen. However after a number of years one wonders if she has had dome work done. Below is the truth about Vanna White plastic surgery procedures, and her secrets of looking fantastic…Continue Reading “Vanna White plastic surgery procedures are done simply fantastic”

Chelsea Clinton After Plastic Surgery

When the name Chelsea Clinton comes up, there are various things that come to mind, this is naturally so because she is the only child of Bill Clinton, former president of the US and Hillary Clinton former secretary of state. However other things that come to mind is the amazing effect that was brought upon by Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery. From the outlook it seems that she thought it better to enhance her looks, especially with the fact that she is now a full time…Continue Reading “Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery: A Great Cosmetic Success”

Stephanie Pratt plastic surgery

Stephanie Lynn Pratt, only usually known as Stephanie Pratt, is a 29 year old American television personality. The sister of Spencer Pratt, the husband of one of The Hills’ stars, Heidi Montag, Stephanie became famous for appearing on the reality series from MTV, first in a recurring role and then as a main character. Since the series ended, Stephanie has appeared on British television, first on Made in Chelsea’, a similar format to the The Hills’ and then on Celebrity Big Brother. At the moment, Stephanie still has a permanent role on Made in Chelsea’.

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eiza gonzalez after

Eiza Gonzalez is one person who has a lot of speculations surrounding her, from the fact that she has is Liam Hemsworth interest or the fact that it is believed she is the cause of breakup between him and Miley Cyrus. Either way it seems that this Mexican actor broke into the limelight way back in 2007 where she starred as Lola in Erase Una Vez is believed to have enhanced her looks. However if you believe all the fuss going about Eiza Gonzalez plastic surgery

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Lauren Holly 2

Lauren Michael Holly, more often referred to simply as Lauren Holly, is a 51 years old American-Canadian actress. She became famous for her roles in “Picket Fences” and “Dumb & Dumber”, during which she met actor Jim Carrey, who she was famously married to for a year. Although she’s enjoyed a long career in TV and movies, Lauren’s most prominent roles in the last decade have been on the small screen, particularly on hit series “NCIS” and “Motive”.

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Wendy Williams After Boob Job Plastic Surgery

Most celebrities in pay great attention to their looks such that they decide to go for plastic surgery. This has not been any different with Wendy Williams who has undergone the process not just once but many times. Unlike celebrities who have kept the source of their beauty as one of their top secrets, Wendy has come out and accepted publicly that she has done something with her appearance. In other words, Wendy Williams plastic surgery is no longer a rumor. To make things more public to her fans across, Wendy has gone as far as writing about the process she underwent. From the look of things, she is not ashamed of her decision, as we have seen with other celebrities who deny plastic surgery claims even when it is clear.

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