Melissa Gorga Nose Job: Multiple Procedures or Not?

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Melissa Gorga Nose Job Controversy

She was born Melissa Ann Gorga on 21st march 1979. Melissa is an author, designer, singer, businesswoman but what she is known for is been an American reality television personality. She is well known for been a cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The show is in its third season. She is married to Giuseppe “Joseph” Gorga and they have three children; Antonia, Gino, and Joey. HSN TV has a jewelry line introduced by her. She opened a clothing boutique known as Envy in late 2015. She has authored a book called Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage. So you ask yourself was the Melissa Gorga Nose Job procedure really necessary?

Rumors were swelling that Melissa had a nose job, but she always blatantly denied. The case was closed for real when one of her cast mates, Jacqueline Laurita, spilled the beans after an argument in which she alleged that Gorga had four nose jobs done on her. Would you do four nose jobs? After the heated argument, Melissa finally came clean. She confessed to having a nose job. The main reason for the long time denial was to do with her children. Melissa wanted to keep the secret away from her beloved children. She felt it wasn’t necessary to tell the whole world about the nose job since it was private. Melissa felt betrayed by her friend.

Melissa Gorga Nose Job Before and After

She wanted the plastic surgery to be a private affair. Melissa expounded on the fact that the nose job was worst kept secret she ever had. She felt it was her secret to tell not Laurita. Do you have crappy friends? Do you think the relationship between Melissa and Laurita will be mended anytime soon?

The said friend says she regrets nothing on spilling the truth to the world. She felt that Melissa was lying to her with a straight face. Melissa when asked about the nose job always denied and consistently said it was “contour”. She says if Melissa had just waved the question away instead of lying, things wouldn’t have taken a dive for the worst. Furthermore, Laurita says that she only talked about the nose job since there were suspicions milling around it.

Melissa Gorga Before and After Nose Job Surgery

Even though Laurita suspicions turned to be true, there is one thing Melissa still denies to this day. Having four nose jobs. She vehemently denies these rumors. She says she would be mad attempting to have nose jobs. According to an insider, Melissa has had two nose jobs but with different doctors.

According to the same source, Melissa and Laurita share the same doctor where they go to get their Botox, cheek and lip fillers, so the idea of “contouring is utterly untrue. She thinks that since the rumor seed had already been planted, it was better for her to come clean on the issue. The one thing that came out of the whole debacle was that Melissa realized that friends come and go but her family will remain forever. Is it true?

Melissa Gorga Before and After Rhinoplasty Procedure

With all things said and done, Melissa Gorga Nose Job was done quite well. She looks very good looking considering she has three children. Keep your private activities away from your so called friends Melissa.

Melissa Gorga Nose Job Before and After Photos

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