Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery: The Transformation Is Complete

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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Controversy

Wonders of the 21st century are formidable. Nothing is too big or strange for science and or technology to conjure, the fountain of youth for example is no longer a pipe dream. You can now look as young as you feel, or as young as you want to feel any way. Guests at the Tony awards, for example, were treated to a surprise when Meg Ryan stepped out not only rocking a new outfit but, get this, a new face as well. Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery is one of the perks of modern day science.

Plastic surgery. Hated and loved in equal measure. People are going under the knife for a whole lot of different reasons. Hollywood seems to be at the center of this craze and it seems that wherever you turn someone is, or has already, fixed or changed something they might not like very much about themselves. Take for example the prime time Emmy award winner who we all loved from the sitcom friends has allegedly been to see a specialist (read surgeon) to ensure her look remains flawless and age doesn’t catch up. The Golden Globe award winner is rumored to have regular Botox injections and chemical peels as part of her beauty care seems to be working though as she has been voted the sexiest woman alive not one but twice by people magazine, does she owe this to her surgeon?


Not everyone is us forthcoming with their eternal beauty secrets. Naomi Campbell for example is on record denying having any procedures done upon her super model flawless skin, alongside charges of assaults on her staff of course. We believe you Elaine, okay maybe not all of us anyway. She has graced our screens for over 40 years and she still looks as stunning as she did on a Marley video when she was 7 and her appearance on the “face”, an American modeling reality show, still has people looking up what beauty care products she swears by. A scar removal on her lip is evident and even though she will not agree to it, Botox use is clearly part of her regime.


Robert Downey Jr. better known for his role in Iron Man franchise is testimony that plastic surgery is not just practiced among the female gender alone. The 51 year old is still as charming as ever on and off the silver screen despite his alcohol addiction, amongst other drugs. His cheek augmentation hides away his tales as a former drug addict. The superhero is rumored to also to never step into a role on screen without his botox injection that May or may not make him as sexy as he currently is don’t you think?


Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery procedure has caused quite a stir. Not particularly the best of outcomes when it comes to the world of aesthetic alterations but she seems to like it since she can’t seem to stay away from her plastic surgeon’s office. Her face structure and texture has been completely changed and you can barely tell it’s her anymore. I think she should hold back on any more procedures though, until she can find a surgeon that can undo some of the damage that has been done. All of the similar opinion raise their hands please.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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