Kat Von D Plastic Surgery: Not Just Tattoos For Katherine

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Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Controversy

Katherine von Drachenberg, also known as Kat Von D (March 8, 1982), is best known for starring in the TLC reality show LA Ink as tattoo artist. Besides a tattoo artist she is also a musician, model and entrepreneur. She has a lot of experience as a tattoo artist as she started already at the age of 16 when she was a high school dropout in 1998.It is speculated more and more about Kat Von D Plastic Surgery procedures. This is a review of these rumors.

A smooth, shiny and young looking skin is what every woman admires, especially when getting older. And of course also by Kat Von D.  Plastic surgeries such as a nose job, fillers, botox injections, breast implants and surgery. It is clearly to see that she had plastic surgery when you see photos of her in 2008 and in 2012. The left photo was taken in 2008 and the right photo was taken in 2012.

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kat Von D followed the popular trend in America of getting breast implants. When you compare photo on the left and the photo on the right (photo below) you can clearly see that her bust area is enlarged significantly. Cat Von D has a size of 34C after the breast implants surgery.

And of course, another area that had plastic surgery is her face, when you want to look more desirable. Fillers, filler injections, are used in her chin and lips to get a fresh look. Many American stars did before is a nose job, also known as rhinoplasty – to adjust slightly the shape of her nose. While her nose looked good before, she narrowed her nose a bit to balance out the rest of the plastic surgery on her face. Making her face look more beautiful than ever. We can all see that her nose job is well done by her consulting doctor, no doubt about that.

Kat Von D Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

Also, like other American stars of her age, she had some botox injections in her forehead so the wrinkles and the lines vanished. This kind of forehead surgery is very logical when you would like to look young especially when you are meant to be seen in the spotlight.

There’s also speculation that she had done some eyebrow surgery. This is just a speculation, because this is not yet confirmed and considered as just a gossip story. However, you can see some slightly changes in the positioning of her eyebrows.

Kat Von D Before and After Surgery Procedure

One way or the other, we can conclude that Kat Von D Plastic Surgery is a fact. The only speculation is which parts of her body and face had some adjustments. Kat Von D looks more confident when you see her before surgery and after surgery photos. She did not overdo the plastic surgery, which makes her look natural. And that’s what plastic surgery is all about, to get more confidence by looking, younger and fresh with a natural look. The result of her surgery can be seen in the photo below.

Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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