Ciara Nose Job: Did We See The End Of It Or Not?

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Ciara Nose Job Controversy

Many are the times when we quiver at the effects of plastic surgery given that the internet is awash with pictures of how many ways the process can backfire and the recipient end up looking like something out of a horror film. But in some cases we bump into images that renew our hope of the plastic surgery process. One such success story is Ciara Nose Job surgery. Not may know this but she has had some work done.

The 32 year old, goodies famed super star is exciting in every sense of the word and her stage presence coupled with her amazing voice makes her an icon of many kinds. This is both good and bad depending on who you ask as your life and appearance is always under scrutiny from people who love you, and in Ciara’s case, people who want to be you so getting away with facial enhancement of any kind might be harder than desired.

Ciara Before and After Nose Job Procedure

Unlike most showbiz stars who in typical celebrity fashion deny any claims of having been under a cosmetic enhancement knife and get away with it at times, Ciara Princess Harris does not enjoy this luxury as Before and After Pictures clearly tell tales of what has happened behind closed doors.

The real question in Russell Wilson’s wife case is how many times she has been under the knife. Her first nose job was horrendous and did not suit her at all. She looked different and unnatural and my guess is that she also realized this as after a little while, her nose was a bit more natural looking, another nose job maybe? Well whatever it was, her nose has a narrower bridge and much smaller nostrils.

Ciara Before and After Rhinoplasty Surgery

The Seattle Seahawks quarter back wife has morphed right in front of the camera’s eye and anyone keen enough can see three to four different jobs stacked in between those beautiful eyes of hers, but the question of how many nose job procedures Ciara has had is still quite a mystery. Is her nose job the only artificial enhancement procedure she has made on her body?

There were rumors that Future’s baby mama had also decided to change a few more things on a body that many would argue was already perfect. Her chin and lips seem a bit different than they did when she first came into the lime light. Her bosom is a bit different too but some may argue that child birth and a few lifestyle changes may bring this on naturally. Your guess is as good as anyone else’s but breast augmentation should not be put off the table in her case. She joins a growing list with some of her friends, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian who are also rumored to have undergone plastic surgery.

Ciara Nose Job Surgery Before and After

We just hope she is now contented with her nasal structure and that we will not see another Ciara Nose Job or anything else for that matter or stop making good music and definitely continue entertaining us with her amazing videos. Anyone with me on this one?

Ciara Nose Job Before and After Photos

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